We have been able to ascertain on several occasions during 452ºF’s three year lifespan that the translation work that goes on behind the scenes of each publication is not an element that we wish to do away with, in spite of all the added difficulties that it brings to the process. [+]




Asociación Cultural 452ºF is responsible for the edition of this journal. Our efforts have concentrated in the need to creating a Journal that will transfer literary and artistic knowledge to the largest number of people possible, and with the additional guarantee of an academic scientific board to value the contents of the journal. Therefore we chose to develop an electronic journal, committed to linguistic plurality and supported by the creation of an international Advisory Board with several years of experience behind them. [+]

Editorial board

Editorial board

The journal’s Editorial board is composed of twelve members. Each of them is at least undertaking post-graduate studies on Literature at the moment. [+]

Advisory board

Advisory board

The Editorial board will be assisted in the process of selection for publication by a well-formed Advisory board. It is conformed by well-established academicians in the Comparative Literature field, as well as many specialists in different aspects of culture and art. Their support will guarantee the quality of the contents. [+]

TP Team

Translators and Proofreaders Team

452ºF is proud to include a translation and proofreader team of its own. The creation of this group of translators and proofreaders goes hand in hand with the commitment to becoming a social service, which bears in mind the linguistic plurality that characterises this world. [+]

IL Team

Illustration and Layout Team

452ºF wishes to expand the high quality of its contents into the way these are presented. For that reason we have gathered together an exclusive illustration and layout team. The work of its members will be focused on making the reading of the magazine not only intellectually stimulating, but also visually. [+]


Here you might find links to those websites that, dedicated in one way or another to the study of Literature, have been chosen by the Editorial board.

CELIT: National Major San Marcos University Literature Students Centre.

CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture: Purdue University’s site.

CLCWeb Library Series: Bibliography, documents and resources on comparative literature and culture.

Crítica.cl: Literary review, essay, and art history on-line magazine.


:This journal’s literary section sets a dialogue between the russian and the vasc cultures.

Letralia: Journal of Latin American writers on the Internet

Metaliteratura: Latin American literature and literary review on-line magazine.

REDNEL Colombia +: Literature students national network association.

Recto/Verso: Online magazine about vasc writers.

Revista La Habana Elegante: Cuban literature quarterly on-line magazine.

Revista Odradek: Latin American literature on-line magazine.

Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities: It features peer review articles and book reviews on interdisciplinary cross-currents in the humanities.

SELGYC: Spanish General and Comparative Literature Association.

FaLang translation system by Faboba


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